1. The Google Outage
  2. Request Indexing is Back To The GSC URL Inspection
  3. Google’s Terrible, Horrible, No good. Yet still extremely Profitable 2020
  4. Google Algorithms vs Google Penalties
  5. Some Early Observations On The Google December Core Update
  6. Short Videos Carousel On Mobile but Not For Every Query
  7. Google Chrome Stats Report vs Log File Analysis
  8. Is Passage Indexing Live in Google Search?
  9. How Browsers work?
  10. A Quick Trick To Pull All the Google Suggest On a Simple XML File
  11. What does Google know about you?
  12. Blue Jedi, the $500 Millions Secret Deal between Facebook and Google

The Google Outage

The other day, there was a Google outage. Google was not working for a little bit less than an hour like all of Google tools: Gmail, search engine, it wasn’t working for some people, but this video by Cold Fusion is interesting because it raises the question of the dependency on Google tools all over the world, even for some pretty essential entities like government official organization that need to have a service that doesn’t stop working for a while and also raises the question of a private company having so much power over the world so thank you, Cold Fusion, for this cool video.

Request Indexing is Back To The GSC URL Inspection

I bet it wasn’t coming back, and I lost. I can be wrong; I’m not always right. I bet that the request index URL was not coming back in the search console, you know, on the Google search console URL inspection tool, but I guess people complained so much that they put it back.  

No comment on the fact that I never use that tool I don’t need at all, if you need that auto index on URL, you might need to review your basics of how to proceed with SEO and how to index and rank pages on Google.

Google’s Terrible, Horrible, No good. Yet still extremely Profitable 2020

On the Google’s terrible, horrible, no good, yet still extremely profitable 2020

I guess the pandemic didn’t touch Alphabet, inc. Remember, Alphabet is the mothership¬†underneath your Google search, youtube, and all that¬†good stuff, all the Google property. But I might be one of the only SEOs reading every¬†single quarterly report. I would advise you to do¬†the same. It’s always an interesting read so you¬†can see the vision of what a company is heading, and you can see the difference between what you¬†observe as an SEO and what they tell the investors do a command for control f and search for¬†search every time in those quarterly reports¬†that will give you a hint on how¬†they put much faith and effort into¬†Google, the search engine that SEO focuses¬†on 100%. Find out for yourself, but the truth is they don’t care. It doesn’t exist. They¬†play down; they are on so many other¬†territories it’s not even funny; they¬†talk more about the cloud than search.

Google Algorithms vs Google Penalties

On SearchEngineLand: Google algorithms versus Google penalties explained by an ex-Googler 

We did a video with Dixon Jones about this topic.  

If we were not good enough to explain how it works, Petro Dias, ex-Googler, will explain to you better with these nice little drawings. I disagree with putting an image of expertise trust authority into this kind of stuff. People get confused. Google quality raters guidelines are the end game. Google penalties were solved by telling people how to do EAT; not sure, but whatever he’s the ex-googler I’m not.

Some Early Observations On The Google December Core Update

Some early observations on the Google December core update.

Again, that’s on but by Mary Haynes.

She mentions those¬†Google quality guidelines again, so now what is right is¬†that Google has machine learning running, there is a data set going on, they are trying out something. It needs to be validated by humans, little human fingers, and say this is good or not good. But the Google quality raters guidelines¬†that we access is if I’m not mistaken, just¬†pushed out like once a year. This is very different from¬†the guidelines or the score sheet the¬†validation sheet that the quality raters or¬†those people hired to validate the data¬†set of machine learning have in their hands.

Be careful, guys; Google, quality raters guidelines, analyze the SERP, the search engine result page, don’t audit a website, and certainly not send a spam report for the Google quality team. I don’t even think those quality raters look at backlinks.  

I’m putting that in the list of myths to debunk on SEO conspiracy because this is too much confusion about how you can use the Google quality raters guidelines for your SEO strategy.

Saad AK is reporting: I see short videos¬†carousel on mobile but not for every query, and then Brian¬†Freisleben¬†says, hey, I’m noticing Instagram¬†and TikTok videos. Thank you guys for confirming¬†once again that I was right. I told you guys¬†to look at SEO conspiracy. I’ve been¬†doing it, and I should have started six months¬†ago, so it’s not a question of should you do¬†it or not. It’s a question of when you are¬†starting to do short format vertical videos.

Google Chrome Stats Report vs Log File Analysis

On Google chrome stats report versus log file analysis

It is a tough comparison to compare the raw log files and whatever is shown in the search console because the search console is for regular people, raw log files are for nerds.  

So you can see differences because the search console is using not an average how you say in English median not average but median. So it’s polishing the curve a little bit. In my opinion, if you got the skills, you got to go directly to the logs. If you need to report to people who don’t know anything about SEO, yeah, maybe the search console is enough.

Is Passage Indexing Live in Google Search?

Our dear Barry Schwartz asks our dear Danny Sullivan: is passage indexing live in Google search? I think Google said towards the end of 2020.

And then Danny replies, “it is not.” Remember what I said there is a new cleaner in town Prabakhar Raghavan, the guy took over and you who must be expecting a lot of shaking up a lot of Google being broken it’s the way you move forward and most definitely whatever is not ready they won’t pull it out, so passage indexing is not ready but also remember what I said about passage indexing it is exactly and precisely what I preach with my game of the mystery word, if you can play the game of the mystery word  aka semantic SEO, well you will be very good at appearing into the passage indexing feature, that’s guaranteed.

How Browsers work?

On Twitter, by Addy Osmani: “how browsers¬†work recommended reading”.

Yes, you need to know how a web browser works. Look at the content and how it’s pointing out to official Google resources. It’s the basics. You need to know the whole process of what happens for content when it’s going from a computer, a server into the web. What is happening? How does that work? Because you need to take care, like right now, about all those speed web core vital stuff. Some of us started working on it 11 years ago because Google caffeine in august 2009 came out. There was a change in the infrastructure of Google, but if you are late to the game, you need to have a website that is performing very well, and understanding how it’s rendered in a browser is also something you must know.

A Quick Trick To Pull All the Google Suggest On a Simple XML File

On How to scrap Google Suggests in 5mn.

It’s in french, but it doesn’t matter because the code is in the universal language.

So, Cedric gives you a quick trick to pull all the Google suggest on a simple XML file. 

Thanks, Cedric for the tip it’s really easy to do and you should look it up.

What does Google know about you?

Did you check out

This page is stating everything¬†that Google knows about you. It is browsing on the internet on the¬†computer, so imagine the power of Google on an Android phone because they also got the hardware and the software. Yeah, I won’t get into the whole debate about¬†privacy for another day another video. There is some positive, there¬†is some negative just a quick¬†point of view is as long as you are aware¬†of what’s going on as long as you agree¬†well no arms no fool it’s whatever is hidden¬†and whatever you didn’t authorize that is wrong.

Blue Jedi, the $500 Millions Secret Deal between Facebook and Google

On The Wall Street Journal: Inside the Google-Facebook Ad Deal at the Heart of a Price-Fixing Lawsuit

Google and Facebook form what they call the “Jedi blue”, a pact to dominate online ads. Facebook said, ” we are going to spend a minim of 500 million dollars on ads, but you have to make sure we win a sufficient person portion of those auctions.” 

When I started SEO in the early 2000s, there was a rumor that you could go up to Google with a suitcase full of cash, put it on the desk in front of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and say, “Here. Can I be number one” and I was like, “no come on guys, they’re not like that.” Well, maybe it wasn’t like that in the early 2000s, or perhaps it was, but for sure, the deal cut in September 2018.

Well, things change, and that’s not right, guys. 

They can’t pretend that the deal was legit. That’s unfair business practice for sure. 

It was the last Alternative Search News for 2020. 

Happy Holidays !

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