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SEO is like a game of poker, but you don’t know the rules, and they constantly change. The only truth is: are you number one for your keywords on Google? Why do you deserve to rank first on Google for your favorite keywords? My strategy is called the Topical Mesh. I build a solid Semantic SEO layer integrated within a global Multimedia Content Marketing Strategy pushed by a Private Blog Network.

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Semantic SEO in 10 Steps with the Topical Mesh Strategy

The Topical Mesh strategy is designed to help Google recognize your website as the most relevant for your keywords. While many people discuss theories about semantic clustering, topical search, and other advanced SEO concepts, I focus on practical, step-by-step methodologies that give Google exactly what it’s looking for. There is no more theoretical BS, just real results.

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Born in France and educated in New York, I call Andorra my home. With a career that took off during the Golden Era of website monetization, I pivoted entirely to SEO consulting in 2008.

Voted the 3rd Best All-Time SEO in France, I pioneered the advanced SEO strategy known as “Cocon Sémantique” or “Topical Mesh,” setting trends since 2013.

In 2015, I launched the first online school dedicated to transforming students into SEO experts, not just average SEOs.

Outside consulting, I channel my passion into Downhill Mountain Biking and capture the world through Fine Art and Street Photography.

Laurent Bourrelly

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