Can You Rank Without Links?


The Google Propaganda never really work to scare off SEO professionals.

That was until Panda and Penguin penalties came around.

Basically, using technical warfare tactics, Google was able to scare off the website owners more effectively with communication tactics instead of algorithmic evolution. It’s simple, after the first Penguin manual filter was launched, planet SEO froze. Not one single backlink was built throughout the Web. Since regular folks are scared of buildings links. Since Google community managers keep on spreading fear and sticking to the message “produce awesome content, and the rest will follow”. Considering the situation, we need to ask the questions if it’s possible to rank on Google without links. When we talk about links, we include internal links and backlinks. Today, 99% of websites are built with a bad infrastructure, leading to a crappy internal linking. Today, people are afraid of building links. However, nobody can deny it’s the most powerful SEO asset.

With my special guest, Judith Lewis from, we debunk the myth of doing successful SEO without backlinks.

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