Search Engine Hacker since 2004

I’m Laurent Bourrelly, a Search Engine Hacker by night and SEO consultant by day since 2004. 

I thrive on tackling the complexities of search engine optimization. 

Born and educated in France, I began my SEO journey in 2004. I was fascinated by how search engines shape information access.

I’ve had the honor of being the Head Judge for the European Search Awards and a judge for both the UK and Canadian Search Awards. 
My understanding of SEO was further recognized when I was voted the 3rd Best All-Time SEO in France.

I’m the guy behind the “Cocon Sémantique” (Topical Mesh), the leading strategy in the French SEO community since 2013. This innovative approach has reshaped how we think about content and its interconnectivity within websites, setting a new standard for SEO strategies.

In 2015, I took a step further and was the first in the world to open my Bootcamp SEO: it is the first training that teaches you how to become an SEO (business side) instead of just teaching you SEO.

My dedication to SEO extends beyond my projects. During the lockdown, I launched SEO Conspiracy, where I share my insights through podcasts and videos, delving into advanced SEO strategies and the future of digital marketing. 

Welcome to my world of SEO, where every challenge
is an opportunity to learn and improve

Adapt or Die 🏴‍☠️
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