1. Manual Action Rejection
  2. SimilarWeb Targeting a $2 billion Nasdaq IPO in quarter 2 of 2021
  3. Amazon buys Wondery, setting itself up to compete against Spotify for podcast domination
  4. Echo Frames – Eyeglasses with Alexa – Black – A Day 1 Editions product
  5. Pirate Site Search Traffic Tanked Following Google Updates
  6. Facebook’s Advertising Integrity Chief Leaves Company
  7. SEO & Poker Analogies
  8. How to Use the Web Stories WordPress Plugin by Aleyda Solis
  9. You Publish Better Content. The web improves for everyone
  10. Google Promised Not To Use Its AI In Weapons

Manual Action Rejection

Our dear friend Kristine Schachinger reported on Twitter something that sounded like a miracle: a manual action by Google. When you get a message saying you did something wrong, they stopped telling you or giving you hints or directions or examples of what you did wrong.

A note from the reviewer says, “we recommend adding the rel=sponsored or rel=nofollow attribute on the links.”  

Thank you, Kristine; this is good news; it will help a lot in manual action google. If you keep on giving those examples, it does help a lot.

SimilarWeb Targeting a $2 billion Nasdaq IPO in quarter 2 of 2021

On Similar Web Targeting a $2 billion Nasdaq IPO in quarter 2 of 2021.  

If you’ve never heard of the tool Similar Web, it is very powerful, and it is very expensive.  

It’s from Israel; those guys are very talented.  

I have had access to some of the stuff they do, and wow, $2 billion IPO, that’s some serious money, but they charge a lot.

Amazon buys Wondery, setting itself up to compete against Spotify for podcast domination

On the Amazon buys Wondery, setting itself up to compete against Spotify for podcast domination

So Wondery is now part of Amazon Music. Wondery is or was very reputable.

It was an independent major podcast network with a good web station, and now it’s swallowed up by Amazon. Will it turn users away or not? I don’t think the shows will change, so there is no reason for that to change. If you like Dirty John, it will still be there. However, what’s interesting beyond this acquisition is the war around podcasting. I’ve been doing podcasting since the early days, and basically, Apple with iTunes killed the monetization possibilities of the podcast. Making a podcast and making a living with it has been more than challenging. Some people achieve excellent results; props to you, Joe Rogan, 100 mils for going over to Spotify; I would have taken it. But most of the in-between podcasters, whether it’s a hobby like I do it or you are big time, and you make money, but like always, the middle is struggling a lot, and I would love some solutions to come over that way so I don’t know what Amazon can figure out to help podcasters make money, but there would be a nice evolution of this media, which deserves a lot of attention.

Echo Frames – Eyeglasses with Alexa – Black – A Day 1 Editions product

On Echo Frames – Eyeglasses with Alexa – Black – A Day 1 Editions product

Those are just cool looking glasses, it looks like nothing like the early prototypes that people wore a few years ago, and they looked ridiculous with it.

It looks normal then well; it moves to contact lenses when will people be ready to get a chip inside the brain; this is where it’s going, but it’s interesting to see it’s now on the market and not going away. That’s the future so that you will be streaming 24/7. You will have some augmented reality screen in front of you, which is also very important for everything you need to do as an SEO to make the data easily accessible structure-data AMP core web vitals. Think mobile, forget the computer type of website, build stuff for mobile.

Pirate Site Search Traffic Tanked Following Google Updates

On Pirate Site Search Traffic Tanked Following Google Updates

This news is not so interesting, but it’s interesting to notice that the piracy site takes a beating. It’s interesting to see that it’s correlated with updates that keep on happening. December was full of Google updates. What’s interesting here is if you have some kind of project to build a website that looks somehow or some way like a borderline directory (when I say borderline, I have nothing against a torrent, I think it’s a beautiful technology). Still, yes, some people from the music or the cinema industry or even the software industry don’t agree with what these websites are doing, and it’s Google’s way to show good faith trying to clear the path. Now use another search engine use like

And I believe that if there’s a will, there’s away. If you will if you want to find a torrent link, you will find a torrent link no problems with that.

What’s interesting here is more about this threshold. If those websites are taking a beating, you need to level up your spam tactic or spam strategy or website or low quality or scrap the type of website this is how I interpret this type of data.

Facebook’s Advertising Integrity Chief Leaves Company

On Facebook’s advertising integrity chief leaves company.

Interesting news with very little information around it. so Rob Leathern, director of product management, said earlier this month that he would be leaving the company on December 30th.

There’s just a post saying that he was leaving Facebook to work on consumer privacy beyond just ads and social media without disclosing where he was heading.

In my opinion, if you look at Rob’s latest tweets, they are from November, and it seems like he was fed up with the whole thing. They did their best to put measures in place for the elections to be fair and for the ads to be controlled.

His last tweet was: “we do not have the technical ability in the short term to enable political ads by state or by advertiser. We are also committed to giving political advertisers equal access to our tools and services.”

Take it as you want. My opinion is that he couldn’t take it anymore. It’s just so much heat on you and so many obstacles inside the company you have to overcome to get something done, so he was a very talented guy, and I hope that Facebook finds someone at least as good as him, but good luck with that Facebook.

SEO & Poker Analogies

On SEO and poker analogies by Bill King.

If you don’t know I’m holding a poker tournament SEO-oriented pretty much every month. It’s free to enter. I see a lot of similarities between poker and SEO, in the strategy, in the way you can gamble or play long-term. Also, the SEO game is a little more complicated than poker because the rules are not so obvious and they kind of change without anybody telling you, so you have to figure it out. Otherwise, from how you include the variable of chance or luck into the mix and how you can build a career long term playing poker. Let’s remind everyone that   poker is the only game like that where you have  professional players, so yeah, Poker and SEO. 

How to Use the Web Stories WordPress Plugin by Aleyda Solis

If you are using the web stories WordPress plugin for google, be mindful your web story might not pass the validation test if you use wp rocket or Cloudflare to Cache. Aleyda had issues with it, and she gives out the solution; it seems it was fixed , but the problem is still there.

I don’t know, be careful, and if you are not doing web stories, you should.

You Publish Better Content. The web improves for everyone

On you publish better content. The web improves for everyone

Right now it’s only in a few countries but what’s interesting is the choice of countries: United-states, India, Indonesia, and Nigeria.

I would love to know why they pick those countries. 

The idea here is that some people are looking for information, and there are no answers, so first, they collect and answer questions directly from users to identify content gaps online. That’s what they call it then creators like you can then use this insight to create better content for your audience finally, once it’s online, this can this better, richer content can benefit everyone. Step one, find the right questions; step two, create richer content; step three: track your impact.

I love it. Let’s see how much they keep the spammers out of it and how much they can attract quality. I would say our content creators, but I don’t know; there’s something called Wikipedia and this question have kind of looks like it a little bit, I don’t know.

Google Promised Not To Use Its AI In Weapons

On Forbes: Google Promised Not To Use Its AI In Weapons, So Why Is It Investing In Startups Straight Out Of ‘Star Wars’?

Funny. So, two years ago, there was a letter signed by 3000 people to the CEO of Alphabet, saying, “we believe that Google should not be in the business of war so they killed project maven a potential 250 million dollar a year deal.”

What’s happening now is google or not google, Alphabet is investing in startups like Orbital which was created by a former google books director James Crawford.

It’s the end for this week, thanks for your time, see you next week!

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