1. Google December Core Update
  2. Seven creative tips to improve your web stories
  3. How to manage your crawl budget
  4. Did John Mueller said Google doesn’t read unsupported structured data?
  5. Google fired the ethical aI researcher
  6. New community guidelines comment reminders
  7. Twitter updates its rules against hateful conduct
  8. From Thailand to Indonesia, taxes tighten for digital businesses
  9. US States plan to sue Facebook next week
  10. TikTok is rolling out ability to upload longer videos
  11. Is Twitter reading threads?
  12. Explore SEO ecosystem
  13. How to stay sane when you have to use social media everyday?

Google December Core Update

Of course, this week, the SEO News starts with the Google December Core Update. 

Thank you, Google, really. 

Even if they suggested a while ago that the end of the year would be quiet as far as core updates, I knew it was not possible. I don’t believe they can press pause on this type of thing. So, since they rule the world, they send a December 2020 Core Update.

It’s just an evolution. It’s not groundbreaking, except for the crawling indexing part. I think there’s something big happening here. I mean, Google figured out a way to avoid indexing.   

Even at the step of crawling, they say, “yes, we keep on doing the whole process, or we don’t, and in my opinion, that’s the big breakthrough of this update. 

Of course, on SEroundtable, you have Mr. Barry Schwartz covering the whole thing, but nobody is talking about this idea that Google might have changed the way it decides to crawl an index.

Seven creative tips to improve your web stories


A web story for Google is a mixed media type of video with video and animation. Infographics 

dynamic visuals illustrations.

Here are their seven tips:

  1. Use video
  2. Try first-person storytelling
  3. Take advantage of your brand identity 
  4. Display infographics and dynamic visuals 
  5. Get a boost from illustrations
  6. Post quizzes and polls 
  7. Build excitements through animations

It is the future, guys. It’s is where we need to go. Producing text that goes on web pages is so 2010. We are in 2021 now.

How to manage your crawl budget


Some documentation popped up about the crawl budget, and there’s a lot of hype misunderstanding myth urban legends about crawl budget. Here it is like Google says it and nothing else. Nothing more. Check it out because even if you know everything about logs and crawl and Google bot, it’s always good to see the official voice, what they are saying, and if you’re able to read between the lines, it’s even better.

Did John Mueller say Google doesn’t read unsupported structured data?

It’s hilarious. Now, we have Googlers saying different things. Good job, guys. It’s helping out a lot, thank you.

Google fired the ethical aI researcher.

On The withering email that got an ethical AI researcher fired at Google

Timnit Gebru is not anybody. She has a powerful voice and what happened here is she wrote a paper. There’s a whole process of approval for an article to be published, nothing wrong with that. 

The way it happened is a little shady, and the answer by Jeff Dean, the head of aI at Google, is not helping out. He said that the paper didn’t meet some of the conditions. 

Well, that’s not what she’s saying, so  I don’t know the whole story, and I will not base my opinion on just about a news I read. I know that she’s gone from Google, and that’s not a good thing because she’s a voice that says what most engineers at Google don’t want to hear, especially when it comes to artificial intelligence. You need that type of voice and getting all angry and firing her over some paper; I don’t know. It’s shady, I smell something wrong here, but it’s my opinion.

New community guidelines comment reminders

On and about Youtube

“Help us keep comments respectful – new Community Guidelines comment reminders.” 

So, this is what’s happening: if the algorithm flags you, and if your comment seems to include some footprint that suggests you are not respectful, well, you will have a little message saying, “are you sure you want to post this or you want to edit it.”  

It’s a good thing because the comments used to be a troll party and still slightly on Youtube.

Twitter updates its rules against hateful conduct

On the official Twitter blog: Updating our rules against hateful conduct

The same thing along the lines of what just announced with youtube and Twitter is a place where people have been only unleashing since the birth of Twitter, and it is most definitely a place where hate and trolls and roasting and all that good stuff goes on for ten years ago. It might seem like it was normal, I guess, but now behavior went way too far. It looks like the platforms need to put some safeguards around what’s going on, even if they are not supposed to be responsible for the content published on their platforms; it will help if they make it a little bit less wtf.

From Thailand to Indonesia, taxes tighten for digital businesses

On, a finance website from Asia. I am talking about this bc I live in Europe, and it’s also happening in Europe.

But Asia is ahead about locally taxing those American companies that do business in a country they don’t pay any taxes. They are very good at optimizing taxes; let’s put it this way but it seems like the party is over and the party has been going on for 20 years so it’s time, and they need to pay a little bit of taxes now, don’t you agree?

US States plans to sue Facebook next week


I announced it, and it was not a hard guess.

yes, Facebook, you are next Google was first.  

They will dismantle it, they will take away Instagram from Facebook, and I’m sure WhatsApp is also a toy taken away from Zuck. Sorry, Zuck.

TikTok is rolling out the ability to upload longer videos

TikTok is rolling out the ability to upload longer videos of up to three minutes. It’s is shared on Twitter by Matt Navarra. 

So far, it’s been 60 seconds.  

Get used to TikTok. It is not about “do you like or not TikTok”; it’s about when are you starting to produce content for TikTok?

SEOconspiracy just started; please follow the SEOconspiracy TikTok!

Is Twitter reading threads?

Our friend Lyndon Darth Autocrat shares that Twitter doesn’t read. He noticed that it seems like a lot of people are liking or sharing without even reading. Twitter is aware that, supposedly, they are doing something about it, but yes, guys, read before you share.

Explore SEO ecosystem is a new directory about tools. They start, so it needs to be filled with the thousands of tools available to us now, but good luck to you. I like the sleek design of the website and just wanted to share that in the news.

How to stay sane when you have to use social media every day?

On Social media marketers, how do you stay sane when you have to use social media every day? 

I think this is a piece of good news to end the week. Food for thought, my two cents: they are tools. Yes, I can get overheated when clashing on Twitter or when there’s an argument on Reddit or whatever, but generally speaking, I tend to use social media as tools. I don’t have emotions. It’s not a matter of do I like or not TikTok. I know that I need to be on TikTok. It’s not a matter of liking or not. So, if you project yourself out, take out the emotion, and pretend they are just pipelines where you need to distribute your content, you will stay sane and of course, notifications off, all of them.

That’s it for this week, thank you for your time. Please do not hesitate to tell me what you think about the topics covered in this news.

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