Rel Canonical: Beware of this SEO Band Aid

The Rel Canonical Problem for Google Search Engine Optimization. Beware of this SEO Band Aid!

Using Rel Canonical to solve duplicate content issues sounds easy.

Do it wrong and you will most likely encounter major issues about your ranking in Google SERP.

In my opinion, it’s the easiest way to self destroy your website. Too many times, website owners or SEO came to me with theories about Google Penalties or Negative SEO.

In fact, they destroyed themselves their ranking on Google by using rel canonical the wrong way.

We previously talked about what I call Google SEO Bandaids.

Basically, anything Rel invented by Google is a band-aid to solve issues with bad website development.

The issue is that SEO and website developers rely too much on it.

The real solution is about removing duplicate content issues at the core.

Using Rel Canonical does not guarantee duplicate content problems.

Let’s find out today the good, the bad, and the ugly about the Rel Canonical for Google Search Engine Optimization.

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