1. Social media influences up to 71% consumer buying decision
  2. How to rank on Google Discover by Ahrefs
  3. Is there a Google Update going on in November 2020?
  4. Google is suspending a lot of Google My Business accounts
  5. Transparent privacy practices for Chrome extensions
  6. Expanding guides on Instagram
  7. The Machine Learning Behind Hum to Search
  8. Marissa Mayer is launching a startup called Sunshine Contacts
  9. Facebook is going after its critics in the name of privacy
  10. Why isn’t Susan Wojcicki getting grilled by congress?
  11. How good is GPT-3 for content creation?

Social media influences up to 71% consumer buying decision

On search engine watch: Social media influences up to 71% consumer buying decision  

Well, it’s not that simple. The modern customer journey is broken down into several steps: Awareness, findability, reputation, conversion, and advocacy. Throughout this customer journey, social media plays an essential part.

It’s pretty tricky; I don’t know if this data is valid or not, for example: “How frequently do you share recommendations online?” 29% say never, 42% said every few months, and only 2% say daily. The power of influencers on consumer buying decisions seem, from a  marketer’s point of view, highly effective. Of course, the micro-influencer niche is a trend that you should most definitely get interested in. Even if, from my own experience, it’s not so easy to do these micro-influencers work.

The most popular social media platforms are: 

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram  
  3. TikTok (I speak a lot about TikTok, and you should start to pay attention)
  4. Twitter
  5. Youtube. 

I’m very surprised that youtube only comes fifth.  

Anyways, it’s not a matter of just one channel or one pipeline. You have to be everywhere, the way I do with SEO Conspiracy.

How to rank on Google Discover by Ahrefs

On Ahrefs blog: Google Discover: How to Rank and Drive Traffic

They give you some very basic and sound advice no problem with that: have unique, high-quality images, have a mobile-friendly website online new content and metadata publish content about popular topics work on your EAT (expertise authority trust), focus on entities, become a knowledge graph entity, create a buzz with your content distribution, periodically refresh your content, embed your videos into articles and try web stories.

Well, it’s an excellent list. It’s missing, in my opinion, one of the key elements, which is engagement, engagement, and more engagement.

Remember that 80% of URLs’ sharing is on dark social:  WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, and all these invisible platforms for SEO. You need engagement. Trust me, that’s the plan: engagement.

Get some traction around your content; it has to move. Agitate your content.

Is there a Google Update going on in November 2020?

On Webmaster World, yet again people are noticing that Google SERPs are shaky.

The chatter started on November 16th, and it’s still going on. I remember Google said they would not push out any core update before the end of the year. I guess, following the backlash of launching a core update in the middle of a pandemic, they pretend to be reasonable. Still, it looks like it’s moving up and down, even without announcing anything massive at Google.

My advice is: get used to it. It’s not 2010 anymore; if your strategy is stuck in 2010, look ahead, move ahead. It’s 2020; you need to do proper semantic SEO and everything around SEO for SEO to work.

But also, authority and notoriety on top of popularity. Check out my semantic SEO in 10 steps video for more about how to become Google update proof. It won’t affect you; it will boost you every time Google does something. If you apply my strategy, it’s guaranteed.

Google is suspending a lot of Google My Business accounts

On Large Spike Google My Business Suspensions

It seems like Google is suspending a lot of Google My Business accounts. There were many complaints from what I understand. They are trying to clean up the mess on Google My Business because people are abusing it all over the place. But what happens is that they took some legit people on the crossfire. So, check out your Google My Business, and if you are legit and your account is out, go complaint on Google webmaster.

Transparent privacy practices for Chrome extensions

On the official Chromium blog: Transparent privacy practices for Chrome Extensions

Finally, in 2020, Google is putting a little bit of privacy into the chrome web store; it’s about time. Let me remind you that the Google play store and the Chrome extension store are totally freestyle. You can complain all you want about Apple, but at least there’s a little bit of a process to be validated into the App Store, which does not exist for Google. So, thank you, Google, for talking about privacy in 2020.

Expanding guides on Instagram

On the official Instagram blog: Expanding Guides on Instagram

Expanding guides on Instagram were launched in May, and it’s a little bit difficult to describe it. Guides are made for content creators to share useful resources, especially during times like we live during the covid-19 pandemic and people have to deal with a whole bunch of issues. I’m a little lost with all the features that Instagram is launching, to be honest with you, but we’ll see what gets out of this. Anyway, if it exists, you must use it.

The Machine Learning Behind Hum to Search

On the official Google AI Blog: The Machine Learning Behind Hum to Search

Today, if there is a melody stuck in your head, you hum it to Google, and they will figure out what song it is. It’s pretty exciting, and of course, machine learning and training data are at the heart of this new feature. Google explains how it was pretty tricky at the beginning to figure it out because they didn’t have any data or not enough. To try this figure feature, you can open the latest version of the Google app, tap the mic icon and say what’s this song or click the “search a song” button, after which you can hum, sing or whistle away, and hopefully, it will find your music.

Marissa Mayer is launching a startup called Sunshine Contacts

I was wondering what Marissa Mayer was doing  and TechCrunch is telling us that Marissa is launching a startup called Sunshine Contacts

For people who don’t know, Marissa Mayer played a big part in early Google. In the beginning, she was very influential. I’m not going into too many details, but she was a significant influence at Google. 

Then, she moved on to Yahoo, but I don’t  think anybody, even Marissa herself, could have saved Yahoo back then. Good luck with your new project, Marissa.

Facebook is going after its critics in the name of privacy

On Facebook Is Going After Its Critics in the Name of Privacy

The company wants to shut down and make an academic study of political ad-targeting just as it prepares to reinstate targeted political ads. It’s how I can commend this? I mean, where should I start?

So you have a little  New York University project ad-up server, a browser plugin that Facebook users install, and the plugin scraps every ad that user sees and it’s analyzing what’s going on.

Now, Facebook is threatening this  experiment because the plugin violates its terms of services, which I’m sure does in some ways, but you can’t stop the truth from coming up at one point or another.

So, you can stop this economic study, but if you’re a marketer like me, come on guys, we know all about  Facebook profiling.

Why isn’t Susan Wojcicki getting grilled by congress?

Another one from Wired: Why Isn’t Susan Wojcicki Getting Grilled By Congress?

Why isn’t she getting grilled by Congress like Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook and Jack Dorsey from Twitter? They are getting well pretty much grilled by the judiciary community because of this whole election manipulation by social media. Of course, Youtube plays a significant role in this fight. In my opinion, if Youtube does not play a bigger role than Twitter or Facebook, it’s at least the same. So, where is she? Why is congress not asking Youtube any questions about how Youtube algorithms balance both sides of the coin? 

How good is GPT-3 for content creation?

On How good GPT-3 for content creation – My experience.

You hear me talk about GPT-3 a lot. GPT-3 automates content creation, and this guy, Vvovvo on Black Hat World, shared his findings using three tools: Blog idea generatorCopy AI, and ShortlyRead, a content generator. You can check them out. It seemed to work for him. So those tools are supposedly based on GPT-3.

You can try to enter the waitlist; you might be able to access the beta. I did not have this pleasure, but GPT-2 is okay. I still don’t know how much BS or truth is coming out of this whole GPT-3 thing. Sometimes I hear very promising news like this one, and sometimes I hear that it’s just a bunch of crap.

That’s it for this week, thanks for your time, I never take it for granted.

Stay safe.

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