Structured Data for Google SEO

How Important Are Structured Data For Google SEO?


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Google is dumb. 

Structured Data allows formatting bits of information for a robot, like Google, to understand something. 

Humans understand things that robots can’t. For example, how does an algorithm understand an address, a first name, or anything that we take for granted? 

Structured Data are not only important for Google SEO; they are mandatory. 

The main repository is, but you should observe the evolution of the concept. 

Image by Lawrence Monk from Pixabay

Structured Data come and go. 

If you don’t format correctly, it won’t work. From an SEO point of view, you have different levels of benefits. If you are first to take advantage of a Google feature, which uses structured data, amazing things might happen. 

It did for me when I applied the patent around the define: operator in Google. It was like the ancestor of Position 0, and my timing was perfect. I tell the whole story in the podcast. 

However, when everyone uses Structured Data, then it’s not a decisive advantage anymore.

You will have to rely on good old SEO strategies based on content and links to give your website enough “power.” 

When a website is powerful enough, in terms of Pagerank/Authority/Notoriety, Google will favor it to display information based on Structured Data. 

The main issue remains the trust factor. How can a Search Engine “understand” the information is legit? 

One more thing: don’t confuse Semantic SEO for Semantic Web. 

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