Everybody is buying links

Should you buy links, build your own links, or just follow Google guidelines and wait for the links to magically appear?


Everywhere I go, forums, Reddit, or twitter, everyone is like, “oh no, no, no, you should not do it. You should not follow the guidelines.”

But the fact is: everybody is buying links. Everybody

How Google is fighting it, what’s the deal? Let’s try to clarify.

The Word of Dixon Jones

How are you supposed to get links if you follow the Google guidelines?

This is where a black hat, white hat, and google hat seem to blur into a world of semantic words because on one hand, I’d like to say I don’t buy links, but on the other hand, I very much try and create scenarios where people are going to link to my content because if I don’t do that I’m not going to get any links, so you’ve got to have kind of another way.

So for anybody to link to your content generally it’s either done automatically, Google links automatically to every single web page on the internet because it’s linking in its search results.

Or it’s done with somebody actually trying to have links to your website.

There’s got to be a reason for them doing that. There has to be some kind of incentive, and I challenge Google too, as humans, say these are links that we say will count towards you know your PR with specific examples. Because if they were to do that, I think that any SEO would be able to with just a few examples, be able to take one down and prove that there was some kind of incentive behind that decision-making process of whoever created the link in the first place, so money is just one incentive, of course, that’s the irony.

A link could be there because of physical money. It could be there because of an affiliate relationship.

Everybody should look at the warning at the top of the link schemes on google’s development thing help pages because none of this should go out without somebody saying, “there’s a bloody great big warning from google toxic links.” You know links are bad. Link schemes are bad, but you know what link is good then?

Black Hat SEO Strategy for Links

Where i draw the line is the justice the legal system, meaning if you want the tip, you want the easiest way to build links: hacking website.

And you are like, oh, I don’t destroy anything. I just put a page with a bunch of links.

Well, it’s hacking it’s entering somebody’s server, and that’s illegal that’s years of jail, and that’s hundreds and thousands of pounds dollars of euros wherever you are that’s the real black hat.

The people who are gonna use hacking to penetrate a website to build links, and it’s the easiest way to build links. It’s not humans doing that now the whole gray area in between just publishing content and waiting for the magic to happen or hacking this whole gray area. That’s where it becomes really shady, and here my statement is 100% no bullshit SEO. What I don’t like is the bullshit, and even at the last European search awards, there was an entry for the best SEO campaign by one of the top-notch London agency. I’m not gonna disclose the name, but they submit an entry, pretending that they were so genius at SEO and so brilliant at content that links came just because they were so great. In fact, they bought them. They got caught. They bought the links we figured it out.

They got eliminated, but what if nobody picked up on it? What if none of the judges did the work.

The practical question of how is google trying to handle and find pbns, so pbn being private backlink network so where I disagree with some people and especially one ex-googler in France who is doing his entire business about hey I was working at Google, but he’s selling and buying

links, and he’s saying “yeah but my way of doing it is cleaner than the

other ones.” No dude.

This is where it comes back to a human interpretation of a very difficult line.

It helps for us to think about how Google might build algorithms to spot those kinds of networks because you don’t want to go and find them really you don’t want to be in what can be found, so for example, one that was public was when very well-known SEO was well my blog guest was a blogging platform where you could go and say I want some content to please write on your blog please about this kind of thing and then somebody could write some content about it, and there will be links in there, and stuff like that and we think that was caught because there was a little pixel, the tracking pixel that people were asked to put onto those sites so that it tracked the whole thing I think

that’s how that was caught.

But basically, you know, in doing so, it’s said right guest blogging is you know not the is not good well okay, that’s fine.

But what’s the difference between guest blogging and apple showing its new iPhone to pc mag and asking them to write about it? It’s the same same thing.

So they catch you because of a footprint, and I remember I forgot his name, but there’s this guy from the Matt Cutts team from the anti-spam team who came out with a cool tool called Netcumber the tool is out now he sold it, so it’s not working, but it was a tool to track networks of sites you know to figure out, and I remember talking to him, and he said that he uses over 3 000 different footprints, and the only thing he told me is like don’t even think that my tool is more than ten percent of what they have over at google to detect link schemes so

what I found genius from google is not the way they detect the network is the way they fight the business of buying links.

When they identify a website that sells links, usually all the big media all the big press sites selling any website where you see ads you can buy links by definition, they’re all striving for money they’re all like dying, all this industry the press industry.

You can buy the whole page, okay, you can buy a lot of things you can buy an ad, and you tell the guy, yeah I buy you an ad, but I also want links here here here. Trust me; it’ll get you the links.

If it’s flagged humanly flagged by Google, it’s diabolical. What

they did is diabolical. The website is not going to be penalized

it’s not going to drop in ranking. Nothing is going to happen, but they cut off the link juice it’s not going to pass PageRank anymore.

But because we don’t see Pagerank going into the site or out, it doesn’t go out anymore, yeah, so you buy a link, and it’s usually expensive links over like 800-1200 bucks for these type of links.

And it’s not going to do anything; you’re wasting your money

that’s the way they fight it, and this is from people at google themselves who told me that, so I think the information is valid and it makes sense.

They say they stop trying to play cat and mouse you got manual penalties dropping like they still manually flag websites who tend to do then I think though is now they are telling you within google you know webmaster tools you know when you have got those warnings they will tell you that you know you seem to have an unnatural link profile and

I suppose they probably send that message out at the same time as they penalize the inbound sites, and the inbound networks that they won’t necessarily do are tell you all the websites that are banned.

The safest Private Backlinks Network

In my opinion, as I said, no bullshit here I’m telling you you’re big, you’re an adult, do whatever you want. I just give you the information.

You should have a variation. Variation is the word here. You should have small sites; all sites big page rank small page rank.

If you really want to have something powerful in your hands, it’s called a private link wheel. Private, not public.

You don’t buy links on one of those public dirty, smelly pbn private blog networks. No, you can build your own if you are smart enough; if you do it well enough, you can have your own little private network, which is the case for a lot of big websites with different languages or different companies. They have a little network. You can simulate that now if you want to apply this without knowing what you’re doing, it’s not going to work. You need a professional to help you with that, but even in the worst-case scenario, you got a penalty in the search console, you got the message, it’s just one press of the button and the link is gone. I guarantee you one week to lift off the penalty one week with the private link wheel.

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