Domain Authority for SEO will never die. The problem is it should have never been born.

On SEO Conspiracy, we will keep on pounding about Domain Authority as one of the biggest myths about Search Engine Optimization for Google. Everybody knows it was a score invented by, but the issue is slightly more complicated than that. If you deal with Domain Authority, your analysis will be flawed. Even if you want to use magic potion by SEO druids, please don’t do it on the domain level. Everything happens on the page level. Once an SEO starts to put in motion a mindset around this simple shift, amazing things start happening. Take the Web, take Google, take SEO URL by URL, and you will begin to understand how things work. Who is in relation to what and why is the key, but it’s not happening on a domain level. There are signals of authority and trust analyzed by Google, but we are getting into entity territory. Certainly not anything to deal with Domain Authority. At least, if those guys would have some kind of scientific approach, it could be interesting. Instead, they throw you a score and ask you to trust them without knowing anything about how this score is calculated.

Watch the video:

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