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Hello there, this week in the news, we talk about Google keynote SearchOn 2020, which is laying down the roadmap of the future. Lucky me, everything told by the new boss at, Prabhakar Raghavan, is going in the direction of what I preach. My strategy called the Topical Mesh gives Google exactly what it wants (future vs. past).

Also in the news this week, we have about 10 important infos about Google. Then, we have some Bing, structured data, and SEO audit to finish up.

Journal Studio premieres with two new tools for reporters

On the official Google Blog.

I was able to open an account so I don’t know if they will kick me out, if they will filter out who is not a journalist but enjoy if you can, because they pull together some really cool tools like Data Set Search, Fact Check Explorer, Flourish which enables you to visualize data even they added a Gif Maker, some public data explorer, Google trends and more. Check it out:

Welcome to SearchOn 2020

Always be aware when Google is opening a subdomain just to put on a video. That’s it: SearchOn 2020 and this goes with a blog post on Google blog: How AI is powering a more helpful Google?

It’s written by Prabhakar Raghavan who is also much present in the video. He’s the new cowboy in town, he is the head of Search, Google Assistant and Ads. He’s also senior vice president.  
What he says here is making me look very good because he’s saying that everything I’ve been telling for the past 10 years is true and he’s going there some stuff like sub topics. How you really need to have everything at the right place, at the right time. Something like key moments in videos and we gotta go multimedia. It’s not a question of should you start to make some videos. It’s about when are you starting? It’s not about video alone: it’s image, text, audio, video.

Search what you see and explore information in 3D. The future is here. A lot of stuff is going on at Google right now. They’re breaking things acting fast. 
Many bugs but it’s all for the better.

Youtube is Integrating New Shopping Features  

On Google wants to turn YouTube into QVC with new shopping features.

Youtube is already an e-commerce video platform with all those youtubers doing reviews  for the sole purpose of making you click in on the affiliate links in the description of the video so why not integrating real features to be able to direct sales on video on youtube?It makes sense.

Halloween 2020 Costume Trends by Google

Lighter news on If you’ve got it, haunt it: Halloween 2020 costume trends

Google is telling us the top trends for costumes for this Halloween 2020.
So we have Cobra Kai, Dungeon Master and The Mandalorian in the top three.
For kids it’s Super Girl, Flamingo & Hocus Pocus.
For a couple costumes, it’s Bonnie & Clyde, Lilo & Stitch and Cosmo & Wanda.
If you want to disguise your pet, the trend is: Cat taco, Corgi stegosaurus and Twinkie.
For the little ones, it’s about baby shark, baby yoda & baby pumpkin.

I would lie if I told you that I know all of those characters but here you go if you don’t know what to dress up as for halloween, Google can tell you

Google Mobile First Index

On Google Mobile First Index – Zero Desktop Content March 2021

That’s it. The google mobile first index is announced for march 2021. 
Mr John Mueller says so, so it must be true.
What will happen is once the mobile first index is out, the desktop only website will drop. M.sites might still have some issues, you need to go another route if you have an  
Only the content that exists on the mobile version of a website will be indexed and ranked. It seems obvious but that’s it. Desktop version will be totally ignored. This is the move. Also, mobile is the way to go. I always talk about google discover, the future of search. It doesn’t mean that google or the search engine is dead, especially on mobile but still, broaden your horizons. Search is big beyond Google and beyond Google the search engine.

Google Disable the Request Indexing

On twitter, some more Google news from the google webmasters twitter account.

Links, guys, links.
Internal links, backlinks, that’s the way to go.  
Indexing your pages with different methods than links is proving some serious weaknesses in your SEO strategy.

Google Discover starts rolling out Heart Button

On Google Discover starts rolling out heart button for adjusting feed preferences

The like, the heart button. It’s now on Google Discover.
Like I said it’s all about mobile and Google is trying to adapt the instagram or twitter type of feed to predictive search. It’s all about google discover if you don’t know about it, it’s been open since 2018 it should be about time.

How we are Tackling Evolving Online Threats?

 On How are we tackling evolving online threats?

Covid-19, the U.S. presidential elections, all those topics are good topics for hackers to get on and do the things. So easy report I guess this is more PR than  anything else because it doesn’t go into much depth. I guess it’s more or less to show the world and especially those watching google that they’re just doing something about it.

Fix search-related JavaScript problems


It’s all about JS these days and here is a best practice top 10 list by 
google themselves. Always worth checking out.

Technical Writing Courses For Engineers by Google

On Technical Writing Courses

Very interesting.Technical writing courses for engineers and even if you are not an engineer and if you don’t write anything technical, check it out. I took a peek and it’s very interesting because even if you are not a technical writer you need to make a point and you need to prove to humans and algorithms that you are the most relevant and when google is coming out with this type of guide always pay attention and you should, in my opinion.

What is Structured-Data?

On the blog: What is Structured Data? And Why Should You Implement It?

I always tell you how important is structured data.
So, Ahrefs came out with a blog post saying what is structured data and why you should implement it. It goes over all the basics. Good stuff take a look at it.

On-Site SEO: How to Focus on Getting the Right Thing Done?


How to focus on getting the right stuff done is a very good statement indeed because if you know the numbers, for instance, on average, in an SEO audit, about only 10% of the preconisations go into production.   
Now, the problem is if it’s a random 10% you won’t get any improvement, especially about technical SEO. But if it’s the 10% that will give 80 to 90% of the results, well, who cares about the rest?

Avoid the perfection trap layers of consideration based on the Mozlow’s Hierarchy of SEO Needs.
What are you trying to achieve? Prioritize your efforts, prioritize recommendations. Less is more.

All good stuff that you need to take into account if you want to be a great if you want to be a very good SEO. Less is more, you need to focus.

Thanks for your time! See you next week.

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