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SEO Conspiracy News #7

Any Ideas For Clickbait SEO and Digital Marketing Studies ?

Alternative Search News Week 30, 2020

  1. What is the correlation between EPS Earning Per Share and SEO?
  2. 1000 ranking factors how Google finds signals through the noise
  3. Spurious correlations
  4. Open AI to generate text
  5. Another non-sense by John Mu
  6. Google Search Liaison about site:
  7. Support Apple is teaching us a little bit more about Applebot, the web crawler for Apple.
  8. News fact check
  9. Find helpful information on the mortgage process in Search
  10. TikTok Creator Fund

What is the correlation between EPS Earning Per Share and SEO?

By Doug Bell on Searchmetrics

I love Searchmetrics. I appreciate Doug Bell. I appreciate what you guys do.

How can I put it? Where is going to stop this whole studies that go nowhere? The only thing that i appreciate of this is that yes
it shows that it’s important to to do some SEO. That companies that
are good with their SEO are earning more money.

Outside of this, I’ll tell you in a couple of seconds why this is getting out of hands all those studies.

1000 ranking factors how Google finds signals through the noise

And the next study is from LinkGraph’s CTO Manick Bhan.

They explain how machine learning is helping us better understand how google finds and evaluates content quality signals.

Did they crack the code? Did they find out where was the secret sauce?

Well, first of all, I would like to understand how they can take into account SEO myths like the Moz Domain Authority which is total nonsense and they give that a very high value.

Otherwise what did they found out?

Higher quality content, fast snappy user experiences, and increasing cyber authority & reputation.

Wow so in other words, you have all those studies but it’s basically just clickbait trying to sell us something well that we know already.

Like we’ve said again and again with Dixon Jones, with Bill Slawski, with Kristine Schachinger, with Judith Lewis, with real high-level SEO expert.

You can’t find any real findings upon the correlation of those studies.

If all the Nobel prizes eat chocolate, it doesn’t mean that if you eat chocolate you will become a Nobel prize.

So the other day I put down a comment on some youtube video by ahref that was talking about domain authority saying “take domain authority with a grain of salt.”

No please don’t: Let’s try to save what is salvable from all these nonsense.

SEO conspiracy was built on the idea of debunking all those myths.

I’m just tired of people click-baiting studies on non-sense

Spurious Correlations

On Tyler Vigen’s blog

It has nothing to do with seo or digital marketing.

But if you just search for spurious correlations you will find all those fascinating facts about for example how there is a correlation between u.s spending on science space and technology and suicide by hanging strangulations and suffocation exact same lines.

The number of people drawn by falling into pool and the number of films nicolas cage appeared in same. let’s find another one the age of
mission america correlates with the murders by steam hot vapors or and hot objects amazing okay do you start to see the picture here

Okay it’s the same exact thing that all these people are trying to sell you, it’s complete bs. Do not believe one word of any
of these studies.

I would love to have anyone who did one of this study on this podcast and we will debunk their atrocious study.


It’s not a small company it’s a big one and you can now request access to their API for basically a new model of text generation, a new level of text generation that supposedly is fooling everyone.

GPT3 is the name of the api and the little iso blew my mind really for real. I saw some stuff that just even some demonstration on how that API was able to build in an app on just text random text saying “hey on this app to do this this this this” and then the app was built so that is to follow very closely.

Automated text is used for Black Hat SEO but also used for the press and it’s putting in jeopardy the real job of a real human writer. Do we still need human writer?

This is a topic of the video I need to do, I’ve done some in french but I need to do in english where I prove that the text that I generate
automatically is of better quality for google than a text written by human so we need to ask ourselves some serious questions here.

And then from what i see here it’s going to another insane level where you will not be able to tell if it’s a machine or a human writing a text for sure

Another insanity by John Mu

It’s becoming insane it’s a tweet by Rachael Leonie.

The scare of link building is out of hands and the response from M. John Mueller is:

“I’m pretty sure none of this is mentioned in our webmaster guidelines. Is there something specific, a specific word about which we mentioned in the webmaster guidelines. Just because links are placed without your input doesn’t make them bad, it usually makes them good even”

Well M. John Mueller, I know you refused to talk to me, i know i don’t exist for you but it’s your fault it’s your fault if people are so scared of links it is 100% your fault so maybe respond accordingly instead of taking that person for a fool because you are spreading the word that backlinks are evil and you are doing all this work to build this framework where links must be earned and I remind you that you don’t know how to build great content that is just like you’ve never done it you don’t know how to do it you are not qualified to do it but still a lot of people listen to you and a lot of people now this is extreme but it’s the truth.

I will do everything in my power my little small little power my little world to fight you to fight all the googlers who are lying to the public because this is wrong this is very wrong; what you’re doing it’s very wrong.

To propagate this nonsense about the fact that links must be earned and organically that you can’t even push people or insight people or motivate people to building for towards your content and when someone is scared to have links then the answer is just I don’t know. I don’t know who you think you are but just know that i don’t agree and this is 100% wrong ethically, technically and politically wrong.

Google Search Liaison told us they had issues with site:

Thank you, SearchLiaison for telling us that the command site: didn’t work. It’s supposedly fixed it but it is still a problem because most of the operators are used by professionals like myself and i’m really afraid that they will go away little by little. I’m really afraid because the link command disappeared, the info command disappeared, the site: command sometimes work, sometimes doesn’t work, in url command doesn’t work so well, all in url, all of them…

It’s really funny that all the operators that SEOs and Digital Marketers need seem to work less and less but at least thank you for communicating that it was not working and that you fixed it but it doesn’t take away

The scare that we won’t have any operators one day, I think they will all disappear little by little next news, the mobile first index with a little extra time on the google webmaster central blog my point of view is that they wanted to start over they realized that the main index was a big big mess.

Please check out the latest video with Dixon Jones about the Main vs Supplemental index of Google:

To understand that, it’s not so easy and now that they want
to make a proper index for the mobile first it was supposed to be released in september 2020 and now the time frame is moved towards march 2021.

I don’t know about you guys but what I see around me is most of the SEO don’t even know what’s going on with mobile they don’t take it
seriously enough and it’s gonna bite you. If you don’t prepare, if you’re not ready for mobile.

Everybody is on mobile i’m on a market where it’s not mobile first it’s mobile only, they only use mobiles they only use smartphones and then what i see around me in Europe is client saying “I only have 60-70% of web traffic coming from a mobile device”

I still have my website made for desktop, made on the desktop and responsive for mobile. But for a while now I’ve been doing mobile websites that are responsive for desktop, the other way around, and it’s a totally different mindset to build a website for mobile that will also appear properly on the desktop. Think about it. Food for thought.

Support Apple is teaching us a little bit more about Applebot, the web crawler for Apple.

On Apple Blog: About Applebot

If you have Spotlight, Siri, some tools by google, google doesn’t have a search engine but there is a web core and it’s interesting to see that it’s not so much different than any other web color at the end of the day. Apple search may take the following into account when ranking web search results aggregated user engagement with search results that’s kind of like pogo sticking relevancy and matching of search terms to web page topics and content number and quality of links from other pages of the web page rank user location based signals in quote approximate data and then web page design characteristics and what’s interesting here is that maybe there are some variations and of course there are some versions amongst all the different search engines but they all look for the same goal they’re all going towards the same
direction that’s what’s interesting here

Google Fact check

On Google Blog: Fact Check

On this article, you will find a new reference for developers about claim review that is very very important because in this whole structured data debate it always comes back to the information reliable. It’s one thing to have structured data but can the search engine trust that data and can we trust it you know it all goes
back to the source.

Find helpful information on the mortgage process in Search

Read the article on Google blog

If you are in the finance industry, in the credit, if you are into the mortgage industry, beware.

Because google is calculating your estimated payments and like many many other industries before this.

Refinancing is taking a bidding because google is becoming an answer, not a search, it’s giving you answers directly & it’s helping you directly find information about refinancing & the mortgage.

In other words, the whole industry is dead. It happened for sports, for weather, for flights don’t insist.

If you are into the mortgage the refinancing be aware, go elsewhere but game is done on Google in my opinion, you can prove me wrong.

TikTok Creator Fund

Official TikTok news: Introducing the $200M TikTok Creator Fund

So they will reward the best content creators however this fund will be available starting in august 2020 in the US, so you have to be an american content creator if you want to benefit from this farm

It’s very shaky for TikTok right now if you follow the news. India totally banned TikTok, Hong Kong and US secretary of state Mike Pompeo said earlier that he’s looking at banning TikTok and other chinese applications for security reasons.

What’s the deal here? TikTok is chinese and supposedly it’s spying on you. I got news for you, all of those apps, chinese, french, american, from anywhere it’s a big hole, it’s one of my pet peeves, the privacy on the web, this is why I supported the search engine

It’s a big mess and TikTok is no better, no worse than any other app out there and this is all public relation this is all just a big fight between US and China and TikTok is in the middle.

What i know is TikTok is starting to work for marketing, I do a couple of tests very successful. If you are a good content creator you need to go on TikTok. Forget what you think about little kids doing silly dances on TikTok.

As far as i know you are naked on the internet.

Thanks for your time, see you next week.

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