SEO Conspiracy News #6

Googlers & Bingers don’t know SEO on Google

Alternative Search News Week 29 2020

  1. Shoploop by Google
  2. All-in-one SEO plugin Vulnerability
  3. Does Google respect the URL parameter tool?
  4. Gary Illyes: if you have a page that uses a considerable amount of server CPU when accessed maybe because database queries? You need to fix that.
  5. Crawl budget on the Google Webmaster YouTube channel
  6. John Mueller nonsense
  7. SEO Mythbusting on the Google Webmaster YouTube channel
  8. Brody Clark
  9. The Top YouTube searches as of 2020 by Ahrefs
  10. Entity seeking queries and semantic dependency trees

Shoploop by Google

Shoploop: an entertaining new way to shop online

I’m wondering when Google will start to experiment on mobile in more modern ways. It seems to be stuck in 2010 as far as ads on mobile.

So Shoploop is an entertaining new way to shop online. it’s nothing new; it’s a copycat of Instagram 90 second videos.

You have to go to on your mobile device.

Now it’s mostly beauty stuff but why not. It’s most definitely one of the things that we need to look at as SEO and digital marketer, marketing professionals.

All-in-one seo pack vulnerability

All in One SEO Pack Vulnerability – New Exploit

I have never ever ever used one of these seo plugins for wordpress :
yoast, all-in-one…

I have my own plugin which is called rank4win and it’s something totally different than these plugins.

Actually Yoast copied a few of our features but we were first we did it before you, Yoast. Proof is on the screen. You copied us.

Anyway my plugin is very good on security because my dear friend and associate, Maher, is a security specialist like really high level. I can’t
have some features on the plugin because it won’t be safe.

And these guys they just don’t care about security. They are always hackable.There’s always something wrong with it and what they bring to the table is not worth it.

If you put in the balance security and added value for seo, my plugin rank4win will improve your SEO for real.

You will rank better. You will rank better with my plugin.

Following the checklist of All in One or Yoast, that’s just the basics and you can totally do without.

Does Google respect the url parameters tool?

On SearchEngineLand.

E-commerce site should not make assumption about google crawling parameters.

Check the logs files to confirm activity. Mainly what’s going on here is anything with a question mark: utm, underscore, source, and so on.

Chris Long did an experiment on Search Engine Land and obviously it doesn’t work all the time.

You should know that the question mark in the URL is evil. I hate the question mark in the URL. I do everything I can to avoid using it.

But regardless of the size of the site it’s an interesting experiment.

Knowing what Googlebot is doing should be part of the basics of SEO.

I don’t understand why most website owners and SEO, for that matter, don’t dig into logs or at least Googlebot logs – not all the logs – but please analytics for Googlebot. You have a special visitor called Googlebot on your site.

And the same way you track the human visitors, you should know what M. Googlebot is doing on your website.

Gary Illyes

He says: “If you have a page that uses a considerable amount of server CPU when accessed, maybe because database queries? You need to fix that. If google bot uses up your server quota because it fetches that page that’s on you not on google bot.”

Again, all that stuff is no mention of the size of the website okay?

Crawl Budget on the Google Webmasters Youtube channel

it’s said in the video : “if your website is less than 1M pages you should not have to worry about Googlebot”

How can you say that? And what they don’t say also throughout this all communication right now; it seems like you have a black list of certain words like backlinks or pagerank?

Because they don’t mention the power of the page they say “if your page gets refreshed, if it’s a page that is not refreshed well
it doesn’t interest Googlebot that much and so on…

Googlebot is a very special visitor. Our job as a SEO is to make the visit for M. Googlebot as pleasant as possible, regardless of the number of pages if it’s a 30 page website or a 3 million page website.

I don’t understand why it’s said in the video that if your website is less than 1M page you should not worry about crawl budget, nonsense.

Another nonsense by Mr John Mueller

Google’s John Mueller: “Search is Not a Science”

“it’s not that every side has to do the same thing but rather there are multiple ways to get there and you don’t have to blindly follow just one ranking factor to get to the end result and it’s also not the case that any particular kind of factor within this big network is the undeciding factor”

I don’t understand how someone in charge of public relations for Google, again, can say stuff like this. It’s nonsense and we will see why in a couple of seconds with the next news.

So this is on the Google Webmaster Twitter, but it’s a podcast of 12 minutes with 3 googlers and they supposedly dive on how to think about ranking in search.

I’m sorry, but it’s nonsense to say that hundreds and hundreds of factors are very very important.

No! The top five factors are really important. The rest matters a little bit a little bit not so much.

Not as much as you would like to pretend. And why is it different from one site to another, It’s not because of the ranking factors, it’s because of the way the algorithmic filters are spread out throughout the index. And over the time it changes

To put it in other words the filters on the query like payday loans are a lot more severe than bed and breakfast in manchester or whatever. You know? I don’t know. I’m getting annoyed.

I’m not expressing well my frustration about how the communicators, about the people in charge of the public relations for google, are not up to the task. These people are not good and I am not afraid to say it.

SEO mythbusting on the google webmasters youtube channel

And this time we have Google and Bing. The girl from Bing said:

“Especially in backlinks there’s one myths. If I have a lot of backlinks I’ll probably rank higher. Today it’s a myth. Yes it’s one of the signals but that’s not the only signal, you have hundreds and hundreds of signals and people actually spam.”

And I was so wrong about the title of the podcast when I wrote that Googlers don’t know Google SEO. Well, Bingers also don’t know Google SEO.

Because we have Mr Martin Splitt (developer, advocate, google) and Sandhya Guntreddy (Principal Program Manager for Microsoft), basically she’s in charge of the webmaster console for Bing.

So, Mrs Bing and Mr Google are telling us that backlinks are a myth.
That if i get more backlinks, I won’t rank higher?

And they spent about 12 seconds on that.

That’s not a myth, that’s a lie. They are lying to us. You are straight up lying & you want to make people believe that backlinks are not important. You want people to believe that Pagerank is not important.

It’s insane. How dare you on a SEO myth busting video on the official Google webmaster channel pretend that backlinks are not that important? It’s just one factor amongst hundreds and hundreds.

They don’t know SEO, but for real.

And also I don’t know about that lady but all those googlers are in Zürich, Switzerland. It’s not because you’re wearing a google sticker on your forehead that you get respect from me.

When you were employee number 68. When you worked in Mountain View in the anti-spam, in the search team of Amit Singhal. When your name is Matt Cutts you have credentials.

But when you were hired to do the public relations in Zürich, not Mountain View, in Zürich for Google. You were recruited because you were a top poster on the google webmaster forum.

That’s your credential and you never did SEO none of those guys that never ever ever did SEO

And they can’t even explain to you how to do SEO. And they can’t even debunk myth like it should.

Brody Clark: It looks like Google has demoted the visibility of Twitter accounts in Google Search.

There was a hack on Twitter – on some major twitter accounts.

Some guy, some people spammed some bitcoin blockchain scam.
And next to that they remove Twitter from the search results. So I’m laughing? Because I’ve seen Twitter not in the search results. I’ve
seen Twitter back in the search results and gone again, and back again.

Don’t bet on Twitter appearing and bringing you traffic from the Google Search homepage because sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not there.

The top Youtube searches as of 2020.

On Ahrefs: Top YouTube Searches (as of 2020)

We see a lot of major youtubers, pewdiepie, markiplier, and so on. And
then games, and songs – a lot of music.

Keywords : pewdiepie, markiplier, pewdiepie versus t-series, david dobrik, jacksepticeye. Joe Rogan is seven. I love Joe. That’s an
awesome podcast.

That’s not a stupid ranking factors study. That’s just data.
Top queries, this is interesting to me. Ranking factor studies are not that interesting. Correlation does not mean causation.

Entity seeking queries and semantic dependency trees

On SEObytheSea

It makes a lot of sense. If you ask to google something like “what is that statue, that big humongous fish – goldfish – on the beach of barcelona?”

Well Google will have to guess? And this pattern explains how Google will take the best path to be able to answer this type of queries that
is asking for a an entity. So guessing what is that entity. Problem is, like always, where does the information comes from?
Well it comes from websites that will apply the optimization required
micro format, structured data and so on.

Well Wikipedia does that very well and many many many of those answers come from Wikipedia.
But also some other websites and we might call that the Google whitelist. Something we covered in the mythbusting videos with Dixon Jones. Look out for the the Google Whitelist video.

We still have some good news to hear, even in the middle of summer.

Until next time, thanks for watching.

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