SEO Conspiracy News #14

Open AI might be overhyping up GPT-3

On The Guardian’s GPT-3-generated article is everything wrong with AI media hype

I reported back on GPT-3 when we first heard about the new version.
They call it artificial intelligence, I call it automated generation of content. But maybe they’ve been overhyping it and I plead guilty I fell
into the trap of some amazing demonstration and in some videos and articles, they misled the public into what is gpt3. You can find gpt2 on GitHub. I’m using it. It’s terrific; you can generate text that Google swallows and you spice it up with a little semantic with the tools you can find on, and it’s all good. It’s a respectable text for human beings but it still smells a little bit like a robot wrote it. Supposedly, GPT-3 was solving all this. It was a revolution. It seems more like an evolution than a revolution, but we’ll see what comes out.

On How Google delivers reliable information in Search and Our latest investments in information quality in Search and News

Danny Sullivan writes the first one, a former SEO friend now public liaison for search and Pandu Nayak google fellow and vice-president for search. This is straight-up propaganda guys.

The presidential elections in the USA are coming up
and it smells like they’re trying their best to make sure the issues that came around after the 2016 elections don’t happen again, especially after the big tech hearing. So google is showing some good faith fighting against fake news and trying to give a fair check to both sides of the political spectrum in the USA.
We’ll see what happens after the elections. Whoever loses will probably have something to complain about. Maybe the winner is the one who complained after the 2016 election.

Twitter expands misinformation rules to cover premature election results

On Twitter expands misinformation rules to cover premature election results

Facebook last week announced similar rules and Twitter expense misinformation roles to cover premature election results. They’re all on the ticket now. They want to show good faith, and history should not repeat itself. That’s not a news organization that covers something. It’s where news organizations get a lot of their news from which should be non-biased exclusive Microsoft believes Russians that hack Clinton targeted Biden campaign firms. So it’s starting all over again. 2016 again. We’ll see, but it was funny. I don’t talk much about politics, religion, or that kind of topics, but this is definitely into our space of search, into digital marketing and how we can observe that information can easily be manipulated.

10 Suprising facts about SEO

On 10 Suprising facts about SEO (the article is in french)

Nice infography from my friend Olivier Andrieu, about 10 surprising facts about SEO.

3620 modifications on google algorithms in 2019. It was only 665 in 2012. That’s a lot of updates on the algorithms. They got a lot of engineers working, so they have to do many many things, right?

And they keep 0.78% of the users clicking on results from page two of the search engine result page of google. It’s not a lot.

53.3% is the average web traffic coming from organic search.

69.7% of queries on search engines include four words or more.

8% of queries asked on search engines are questions. I thought it would be a lot more. It’s around a little bit more than the previous year.

30% of search are geo-localized on mobile, I thought it would be a lot more too.

Twenty-five billion pages of webspam are discovered by google every day, and 70000 backlinks never discovered before appeared every day on bing’s radar.

41 is the number of google results containing links to google properties I reported that in the news, it was a couple of weeks ago.

SEMrush comes out with the most searched keywords on Google.

On : Top Google Searches and Trending Keywords in 2020

Our friends/family at SEMRush are sharing the top Google searches from 2020, so far:

  1. The #1 keyword is facebook 
  2. Youtube
  3. Google (people are searching Google on Google, it always amazed me)
  4. Gmail
  5. Amazon
  6. Weather
  7. Hotmail (who is still using Hotmail, seriously?)
  8. Translate
  9. Google Translate
  10. Instagram

They even made a top 100 searches by topics:

  • 11 social networks 
  • 13 translate 
  • 10 entertainment 
  • 10 shopping
  • 10 weather 
  • 9 news 
  • 8 web services 
  • 5 gambling 

Top 100 questions people ask

  1. How to vote india, 
  2. What to watch, 
  3. what is my ip, 
  4. what time is it, 
  5. how to screen shot on mac, 
  6. how many ounces in a cup, 
  7. how to delete instagram account. That’s a good one since you have to go on a browser on a computer to delete your instagram account. You can’t do it on the mobile device that’s crazy. 
  8. Where am I
  9. How many weeks in a year
  10. when is father’s day

It’s always fun to read this stuff. I love it, good work SEMrush

How consumers makes decisions?

How to get the most out of search marketing today?
Well, I think google is a good resource, especially for beginners, and I think if you are advanced SEO if you are advanced to marketing
that won’t help, but if you are just starting, there’s some useful advice:

1. be compelling

2. be experimental

3. be data-driven

4. why search works for businesses

5. house search is a helpful tool for businesses

And then if you dig a little deeper, you will find some a little bit higher-level information like decoding how consumers make purchase decisions and so on.
Maybe you’re an expert, perhaps you know what’s going on, but these resources are the type of documents that I pass on to people who need a beginner’s kind of information so maybe you want to keep that in stock for somebody else who needs to understand how the internet works. Sometimes I feel like that’s still my job in 2020, to help people understand how this new territory called the internet works.

Google My Business gets more attributes.

Andrew Bullimore is sharing some new attributes in google my business.

It’s a health and safety-related mask required, staff gets temperature checks, wears masks, and temperature checks the required attributes.
I always say that about structured data, you need to watch this close. I’m doing this for you to keep on watching and keep on following the news, but they keep on coming and need more because a robot, an algorithm, Google does not understand what it reads. You need to help the robot understand what is going on, what are words, the significations of those words, and structured data is an excellent way to do it. Not ideal but still kind of fundamental right now, you have to do it and do it well.

Can you clean Google Suggests anymore?

On Reddit: Has anyone successfully removed google auto complete suggestions for repeated reputation management?

I know how to answer because to be fair, I can’t give you the trick but there is a trick today to remove google suggests that you don’t like. It’s not the old way. The old way would be you go on amazon mechanical turk or any of those marketplace where you can buy very cheap tasks. Very simple, easy like enter a query on google and then press enter.
You can buy them for a couple pennies and if you did enough of it that would change the suggest. This does not really work anymore and there’s one trick, one hack. Unfortunately, the person who discovered it told me about it
and i swore not to tell anyone about it. But all i can say is don’t fall for anybody who is using this old technique or if you want to hire an agency that deals with the reputation management, ask them
how are they effectively removing the google suggest, getting rid of content that is on the first page of google that’s a different process.
Google suggests removal is a bit tricky but there’s a hack.

How to optimize your videos to appear on Google’s SERP video carousel.

How to get your youtube videos to appear in google’s video carousel on the search engine?
Very nice in-depth tutorial. All the steps one by one. However, I guarantee that you can follow this tutorial, and you won’t get it.
It’s not that simple, so the title is very misleading because even if you do everything that Smarty says in there, it does not guarantee at all, but you have to do this and more, which is being patient.
The trick here is an embed-click, so if you put an embed of a youtube video on a website and it’s clicked, it’s used like on Reddit, for example, that acts as a backlink. This is my trick, my pro tip of the day I couldn’t help you out for reputation management but remember these embeds are our backlinks for videos, and hot links are backlinks for images. if you don’t know what the hot links are, search it up

Ikea invests in virtual influencers.

A Virtual Influencer Stars In This IKEA In-Store Installation

Ikea is making a move investing in virtual influencers. What is smart about this is that virtual influences have been a thing on Instagram for a while now. Some of them have millions of followers, which is the first time I see a brand taking advantage of these virtual influencers. This makes a good impact on the news because just the fact that you’re using those weird virtual influencers regardless of if they are influent or not make the news.
You think the thing here doesn’t matter if the influencer helps you make the sale. What’s interesting is that by using a weird type of influences, they make the news.
smart IKEA

Hreflang is not well supported by Bing.

Aleyda Solis answers a question by Drew Marlier about hreflang, and does bing handle hreflang as google does?
Aleyda says that she doesn’t believe so, but she’s calling Fabrice Canel, a long time Binger. I think he’s been there like over 20 years, and he has a trick: hreflang is indeed a far weaker signal than content language at bing. It’s not even a far weaker signal like they don’t use those rel=something invented by google. Unless you can’t do without those, they are band-aids.
Know how to do the work properly.

How often does Google ignore Meta Description?

A study by how often google ignores our meta description?

I’ll let you read the whole thing, it’s very interesting but the bad news is it’s pretty low. What’s interesting is the more competitive the keyword, the less google is rewriting meta descriptions so that’s a good
information but around the half of the time google will make changes
into your meta descriptions or will also change your title tag.
I hate that. I hate the fact that google is touching my title tags and my meta descriptions.

Google doubles down on e-learning with Fundo

Fundo: a virtual experiences platform for creators
I’m a big fan of e-learning and the fundo initiative seems very cool. You can set up a workshop, a meet & greet, all this kind of stuff.
I opened a profile. I opened sales for a workshop. I had to make it at five bucks because you can’t do it less than five that was the minimum price. I just wanted to test it and I wanted to see if the platform itself
would fill in the spaces, the tickets. I doubt it honestly but for you guys, try to find my profile on
30 tickets for five bucks only. For a very long webinar, like three to even maybe four hours about the topical mesh, about semantic seo.
I always said that i won’t monetize this channel, like selling a ebook or
video course or anything but this is just a fun experiment. Five bucks,
so you know, just buy me a coffee here 🙂

Check out an example about how bad Google can answer some questions

If you type “when was running invented” in google, a very nice position zero result shows up with the date 1612 and the phrase “running was invented in 1612 by thomas running when he tried to walk twice at the same time”.
That’s a meme, that’s a troll. I don’t know if it came out on 4chan or
Reddit, I think it was Reddit or something like that. Earlier I told
you that you need to structure data but of course what happens is how
can you be sure that the data even if its well-structured is reliable?
Google’s engineers must be banging their head against the wall trying to figure that one out.

Google rolls out autocomplete feature to include local listings.

On google ad adds local listings to autocomplete
That didn’t make a lot of news but it’s an interesting feature. I think the fact that now auto-complete features includes local listings, is a
very good news.

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