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SEO Conspiracy News #10

Since Big Tech Hearing, some words are banned at Google & a lot more in this week’s Search news

  1. Gary Illyes from Google trolls about buying links
  2. A second row of Ads appears on some Google Images search
  3. Following the Big Tech Hearing, some words are banned for employees of Alphabet Inc., aka Google
  4. Bilboards in the streets will display personalized ads
  5. Which image recognition technology is the best?
  6. $500 billion lawsuit for Instagram
  7. Google wins lawsuit vs Genius
  8. Safari, Apple’s browser, is giving analytics tool a hard time
  9. How much data is processed on the Internet during one minute
  10. Tik Tok first official sponsored content creators
  11. Twitch is drowning and Youtube Gaming is growing
  12. Twitch Prime is rebranded Prime Gaming

Gary Illyes from Google trolls about buying links

The troll of the week goes to Mister Gary Illyes.

“Where can I buy a high quality Link?”

Let’s remember that Gary is a googler. In my opinion, he is the danger.

For those who follow me you know that i’m preparing a video about what I think is right and wrong with those guys, the googlers.

This type of sarcastic joke is very much something he would do, but I don’t think it’s very appropriate.

What I like though, is the answer by Pascal Birchler who shows a picture of the video game the Legend of Zelda.

Those of you that know it, Link is the hero of Zelda.

But I don’t know guys. Is it really appropriate for a googler to tease people like this with this topic?

It’s already hard enough to get links. You already killed the game Gary. So you know when someone is trying to grab some air, has water like up to the nose? Should you really put some weight on the head? I’m not sure

A second row of Ads appears on some Google Images search

Mordy Oberstein on twitter is reporting that Google is showing a second set of ads in google image. This is a first.

There’s a row on top and now it is noticing a row of ads at the bottom of the first page of the image search.

Certainly another test. Like I said last time more
and more of these will come up.

Following the Big Tech Hearing, some words are banned for employees of Alphabet Inc., aka Google

To head off regulators Google makes certain words taboo by

Pretty funny because since the anti-trust law thing is coming up and congress is looking at Google, it seems like certain words like “market, barriers to entry, networks effects”.

Basically anything that could show that they talk about competition in a certain way is bad.

And I believe maybe the googlers in charge of communication with SEO & webmasters might also have certain lists like this or topics they need to avoid. Maybe something like Pagerank or backlinks, you know?

Billboards in the streets will display personalized ads

Clear Channel’s billboards will start tracking consumers in Europe is reporting that Radar is a company that is able to put up billboards will track you and adapt the ad according to the data it has on you. All i know is it’s not going backwards.

These type of things will be part of the future.

We’re just witnessing it happening right in front of our eyes. Do i agree? Not really i think privacy is important, but can I do, can we do something about it?

Doubt it. Even if the CEO claims that the data is very well anonymized. You can follow people’s movement in stores. You can track them. You can accumulate data on them. What they buy. What they look at. It’s a scary scary world out there people or at least a scary virtual world.

Which image recognition technology is the best?

Image Recognition Accuracy Study by

They tested out Amazon, Google Vision, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure.

And the winner is Google Vision.
The worst was IBM Watson.

This is very important guys. For a robot that doesn’t understand what it reads or what it sees to be able to understand what’s going on
in a picture is most definitely where this whole deep learning, machine
learning is very very efficient and progress is going fast. i mean i’m amazed how fast they are doing it even in videos.

But it’s interesting that it seems like Google is like often ahead.

$500 billion lawsuit for Instagram

Instagram could face up to $500 billion in fines in class-action lawsuit alleging it illegally harvested biometric data by

Because there’s a class action lawsuit alleging that it’s harvesting biometric data without the consent of the user.

That’s a lot of money 500 billions.

And if you all follow the whole like TiKTok bad buzz. Well they all do it. They all spy on us. So what’s the deal?

Well the deal is it’s without your consent. You are not aware.

That’s the problem.

Google wins lawsuit vs Genius

Google dodges lawsuit over Genius lyric scraping by

That was something that was brought up during the Big Tech Hearing.
And Genius is a website that is displaying lyrics, song lyrics.
And apparently the judge thought that well the lyrics don’t belong to Genius. So google scrapping Genius, which is scrapping lyrics, it’s not a big deal.

It’s definitely complicated because all these guys, all these websites are
not producing data.

They are building up data. They are already doing a good job of taking something that is all random in the wild and they sort it out and thenthey make it accessible to a search engine like Google.

And then the content gets stolen.

Well that said, if you don’t want Google to steal your content just don’t allow Google to crawl you, and show that you can live without SEO. But otherwise, everybody is stealing everybody these days.

Safari, Apple’s browser, is giving analytics tool a hard time

Organic traffic down YoY? It’s not what you think… by

Very interesting post on ITP 2.1. What is that?

Well if your organic traffic is down it’s most likely because Safari, Apple’s browser, is making it harder on cookies to do their job. So now there is a seven day timeout on a first party javascript cookie.

And Apple is going all in on privacy. So don’t freak out if you see a drop.

That might be that. Especially if your targets are Apple users by default. You know, the kind of user who is not changing the browser.

And all i can say is don’t worry guys we will adapt.

Do you remember what happened when the not provided appeared? Everybody freaked out.

Well we’re still here we can still do analytics so
Safari no Safari we’ll figure it out.

How much data is processed on the Internet during one minute

Data Never Sleeps 8.0 by

How much data is generated every minute of 2020 on the internet?

On Youtube 500 hours of video is uploaded every minute.

On Zoom over 200 000 participants are in meetings.

On What’s App, 400 million messages are shared. Amazon ships over 6 000 packages.

Tick Tok is installed 2 000 times and so on. It’s big. The internet is big. The web is huge. It’s crazy.

When you’re old like me and you saw the web, the internet, well beginning, starting off, it amazes me. Those numbers are insane. That’s the only word I have to qualify this kind of numbers.

Tik Tok first official sponsored content creators

I reported previously that TikTok is now sponsoring big time some content creators. And this guy SpencerX and this other guy David Dobrik are the first official TikTok sponsored content creator. So good for them and I hope many more will follow. I believe TikTok is part of the digital space where there is attention.

Search is not about only SEO. It’s about being there where the attention is, the user’s attention.

TikTok is becoming interesting for marketing.

I think there is something to do there. so let’s try TikTok guys.

Don’t think it’s just for little kids making funny dances.

Twitch is drowning and Youtube Gaming is growing

Youtube is now the biggest threat to Twitch by

I will do a video about Twitch.

I will also do a video on the doctor disrespect ban from Twitch. Twitch is losing market shares every month.

Twitch is not doing so well. Twitch is in the middle of many many many many problems. What’s going on with Twitch?

Well wait for my video to come out.

Twitch Prime is rebranded Prime Gaming

Another bad move for Twitch.

Twitch and Amazon will be rebranding Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming according to this tweet by Slasher, Rod Breslau, the famous gaming insider.

I come from branding in my opinion Twitch the name, the brand, that’s what makes it survive because the user, the broadcasters,
the audience is very attached to the Twitch culture.

And you are killing it kind of.

It’s just a name, but that’s important. And the people making this kind of decision, I don’t think they’re in touch with the market. But
I don’t know guys.

Twitch, I would hate to see another streaming platform disappear, but we’ll definitely tackle that in an upcoming video especially about how to grow on Twitch and so on.

Thanks for your time, see you next week !

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