The Mindset of a Great SEO with Bill Slawski



I’m proud to call myself a Search Engine Hacker.

I never had the financial need to use Black Hat SEO in its most aggressive form, but I don’t care much for Google Guidelines either.

SEO by the Sea saved me countless hours of research.

Being able to communicate with Bill, mostly through comments on his blog or Twitter, has been an insanely valuable resource.

Bill Slawski helped me acknowledge the stupid things I said.

His SEO blog also led me to find new clues to complete my quest to give Google what it wants.

His contribution to my knowledge about the craft of SEO is not small. Today, I’m honored to invite Bill Slawski from SEO by the Sea.

In this 2 hours discussion, we get to know Bill, then we move onto his favorite Search Engine and Search Engine Optimization conspiracy theories.

There is a lot to pick up from Bill’s mindset.

He defines what a great SEO expert is made of : never giving up. Great minds are always inspiring.

Moreover, when such a great mind is as cool as Bill, be ready to learn some great tips.

Don’t look for short term tips & tricks.

Try to emulate how Bill approaches a problem.

We never take for granted the time you spend to watch our content.

Thank you very much.

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