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I’m sharing my journey into building the perfect website.

You read well. I’m going to document my journey into building the perfect website.

What I call the Topical Mesh, is a complete strategy going from high class, high-level content marketing that deserves to be talked about; that deserves to get links organically, respecting the Google guidelines.

Being the best at what you can be as far as producing content.

I’ve been doing this for a while, and I’m going to do it again. We are going to build a solid advanced SEO semantic SEO layer, the Topical Mesh. That’s the base of the strategy.

Then, we’re going to do everything around SEO as far as content marketing.

And, also, we are going the black hat way.

Private Links Network, that’s my game. That’s the best link building strategy on top of everything and even of the content marketing.

I’m telling you how to win the game.

I’m teaching you how to be the best SEO, the best digital marketer in the world.

So this newsletter is going to be my diary, my journal. I’m going to share every week my path into building this strategy.

I just started SEO Conspiracy a couple of months ago, and I haven’t even built the SEO layer.

So I think this is the perfect time to document my journey, step by step, everything that I will do and I will share it, with you, on my newsletter only.

You will have access to this personal journal on real-time, and maybe I’m going to fail. Perhaps you will watch me fail, watch me quit or succeed. Who knows?

The first objective is one year. It’s starting this Thursday, and in one year, I’ll meet you the same hour, same place, and we’re going to go for round two, year two. Then year three. I have a five-year plan; one year and four more years.

I think you want to embark on this journey my friend, it’s going to be huge, and it’s free.

I invite you to spy on my shoulder. It’s going to be fun.

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The Full SEO Conspiracy Podcast

I started SEOconspiracy a couple of months ago, in April 2020, with one content every Monday; with my friend Dixon Jones. We are doing a myth-busting about every myth & urban legend about SEO; one topic at a time, every Monday at 7:00 a.m. GMT.

We debunk all those nonsense that we’ve been with witnessing since we both started. 2004 in my case and Dixon began in the 90s, so it’s been a while.

A whole year is planned, so do not hesitate to subscribe on Youtube to receive every new video with Dixon.

You can see all the previous episodes here: SEOConspiracy with Dixon Jones, or on Youtube.

I just started a weekly news review, every Tuesday; you are reading one right now, the second one. I hope you will like it.

Every Wednesday we’re going to do something different, with some exceptional guests. It’s called SEO Stories. I can’t wait to start this because it’s time to record the history, our history, of this job we created. So we’re going to tell all the good and bad about the world of SEO.

On ThursdayI’m giving out for free my whole strategy. Next Thursday, I’m going to make a big announcement about it, so stay tuned.

Friday, I will answer all the various questions I got every day.

The weekend, it’s freestyle; I will do some live audits, some live Q&A, whatever comes up, some live podcast.

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